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Employment Law-Employee Representation

When things get tough,
you need an advocate in your corner.
When your job is on the line, you need experienced legal representation that will provide you with honest answers. For over 30 years we have provided advice and sound counsel to members of upper management and the workforce. Whether its negotiating an exit package or severance, providing guidance or representing you in court, we can help. 

Our employment law practice emphasizes the following:

  • Sexual Harassment Claims

  • Race, Age, Disability & Gender Harassment & Discrimination Claims

  • Sexual Orientation, National Origin & Religious Harassment & Discrimination Claims

  • Veteran Status Discrimination Claims

  • Retaliation Claims

  • Wrongful Termination Claims

  • USERRA Claims

  • Wage and Hours Claims

  • Review and Negotiation of Severance Agreements

  • Employment Contract Review and Negotiation

  • Executive Compensation Agreements and Exit Strategies

  • Trade Secrets Violations

  • Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements

What are you looking for in a law firm?
What we provide our clients is the perspective gained from years of experience and determined representation. Employment law cases require a seasoned lawyer who can appreciate the subtleties that can make or break a case. You lawyer should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case, what to expect and how to get through the danger zones. 
Who we are.
We are a boutique firm that represents clients throughout the State of Washington. That means we limit the areas of law in which we practice and we limit the number of cases we take.
Unlike many employment law firms, we represent both management and members of the workforce. In so doing, we are better able to serve our clients because we appreciate how a case is view from each side of the negotiating table.
When you are ready to talk, give us a call.  253-863-2525
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