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Employment Law, Sexual Harassment & Injury Law

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Providing Solutions

We are in the business of providing solutions. No matter how small or large the problem, we are there to provide sound counsel based on over 30 years of experience,  the perspective of a seasoned legal team, and the determination to persevere to the end.

Our Blogs

Our firm maintains two Blogs to keep our clients up to date with legal developments. (pronounced in-ZOH-zi) is our employment law blog that is designed to provide updates on matters of interest to employers and employees.  Click here to go to is a site primarily designed to offer tips and advice for individuals that have suffered severe injuries or lost someone close through the neglect of another. Click here to go to

Employment: Management

We bring a unique perspective to the table. Since we represent management and employees, we offer a broader perspective to our clients... Read more

Employment: Individuals

We started out in the field of employment law by representing employees and plaintiffs. As we began to have success...Read more

Sexual Harassment & Abuse

For more than thirty (30) years we have worked with people that have had to endure sexual harassment at work.  Simply put, there is...Read more

Injury & Insurance Law

It all changed in the blink of an eye. One moment you are doing fine and in the next moment your life has changed-forever.  Read more

Health Care Discipline

A natural offshoot from the employment law component of our practice is the representation of health care professionals with .... Read more


About Our Firm

Crafted on the premise that clients deserve an exceptional customer service experience, high quality legal work, and a law firm that values client relationships, our perspective differs from others. We don’t subscribe to the belief that extravagant offices located in the heart of a congested city are indicative of a good law firm. Our clients prefer a law firm they can count on,  is accessible, that  leverages technology to the client’s advantage, that is willing to  consider alternative fee arrangements, and that does not live in the land of good enough.

You won’t find our office in the downtown core of Seattle or Tacoma. Why? It’s simple. Like our clients we have leveraged technology to  work just about anywhere. Although nothing can substitute for a face to face meeting, the reality is that most matters can be addressed via Skype, secure videoconference, email, and the phone.  Your time is too valuable to waste sitting in traffic going to another meeting.  Our office is located in the heart of our community and is easily accessible to the clients we serve throughout the state.  Read more...

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