Sexually transmitted diseases.



We know how it happened. You met a great guy.  You thought you were in a committed relationship and you let your guard down. Then one day, you discovered he gave you a sexually transmitted disease and, like most STD’s, it's a lifetime sentence with potentially horrific future medical problems.  Most people don’t know that Washington state has laws that are designed to hold people accountable for the careless or intentional transmission of an STD.  Under these laws you are entitled to get a recovery for the cost of medical treatment, now and into the future;  the cost mental health treatment;  emotional distress; pain and suffering; attorneys fees and costs; and other damages.

Sexual Abuse/Injuries

Compassion, justice for our clients

Sexual assault and abuse.


For almost three decades our firm has had the privilege of representing individuals that have been victims of childhood sexual abuse or victims of sexual assault.

Too often the perpetrator of these horrific acts is someone in a position of trust and has done this multiple times before. We have worked with our clients to hold these perpetrators accountable for their actions.


Even though you may feel the challenges of bringing the claim are insurmountable, they aren’t. The first step is to talk and get information. Then, you can start thinking about whether you want to bring a claim. Right now, more than anything, you need to know the playing field and you need a law firm that is committed to getting justice.

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