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Terms and Conditions-Notice to Solicitors, Telemarketers, Vendors and Salespeople

Why do you have this page?

It's a question that we are asked on occasion. The simple answer because we want to make sure people understand that by sending use an inquiry we don't automatically assume the responsibility to act on your behalf. The other reason is that like you are are inundated by sales people, telemarketers, solicitors and vendors that do not understand the word NO. These same people will often pose as a potential client in hopes this kind of deceptive practice will earn our business. We work with many wonderful people in sales and enjoy working with our vendors and please don't take this notice as a sign of disrespect toward you.

If you are a potential client




By submitting this form you understand and agree to the following:


1. The Stephens Law Firm has not agreed to form an attorney client relationship, nor does an attorney client relationship exist.


2. An attorney client relationship will only exist if and when, you have signed an engagement agreement with The Stephens Law Firm.


3. You understand  that no representation concerning the quality of services of possible outcome of a case has been made to me.


4. You have been informed that confidential or time sensitive information should NEVER be sent through this form.


5. The Stephens Law Firm is only licensed to practice law in the State of Washington. 


If you are a vendor, salesperson, telemarketer or a solicitor


By submitting this form you understand and agree to be bound by the following terms:


1. You understand the Contact Form is is only for the use of potential clients of The Stephens Law Firm and people with legitimate legal needs.

2. You have been informed that vendors, salespeople, telemarketers and solicitors are discouraged from using this form.

3. You understand that vendors, salespeople, telemarketers and/or solicitors that find it necessary to use this form and submit an inquiry to our firm will be charged a flat fee of $500 to review their submission.

4. By submitting this form, you, your managers and your company agree to be bound by this flat fee charge of $500 to review your inquiry/submission and to pay the charge up receipt of a request for payment.

5. You, your managers and your company agree that by sending this form you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the State of Washington and the Pierce County Superior Court in any action to enforce the terms of this Agreement.

6. You, your managers and your company represent that you are authorized to incur this expense and agree to pay the $500 charge immediately upon demand.

7. You, your managers and your company agree that service of legal process to you, your managers or your company may be made via the email address or physical address that you provided and that service of process by email or regular mail is acceptable as a substitute for personal service.

8. You, your managers and your company agree that, in any action to enforce the terms of this Agreement, including an action to be paid the $500 charge for the review of your inquiry/submission, you will pay all collection costs, attorney's fees and court costs associated with enforcement of this Agreement and interest at a rate of 12 percent per annum on all outstanding amounts due.

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